Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe has been busy making his voice heard both on and off the stage these days with his passion for politics and his way with words. A few weeks ago he offered up his first ‘presidential campaign ad’ showing the metal mouthpiece skateboarding on a half-pipe, he’s since followed that up with a lengthy post on his blog offering up his would-be solutions to the current financial crisis in the nation and what the current candidates are sorely lacking.

While his self-proclaimed ‘Grinch Economics’ may not go over to well with the general public, they do offer some viable yet unpopular solutions starting with canceling Christmas and burning all credit cards. His Christmas canceling idea included a full dialogue on how he would break the news to the public, using a scene from the classic movie ‘A Few Good Men.’ As Blythe advises, “Think of me as Jack Nicholson and the American public as Tom Cruise":

President Blythe: “You want a holiday?”

America: “We think we’re entitled to one.”

President Blythe: “You want a holiday?”

America: “We want Christmas!”

President Blythe: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE CHRISTMAS!!!”

America: “Did you order Christmas canceled?”

President Blythe: “I did the job you sent me to do.”

America: “Did you order Christmas canceled?!?!?”

President Blythe: “YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT I DID!!!”

If you can get past canceling Christmas, Blythe offers up some solid solutions to manage the nations debt including higher sales tax on "sh-- you don’t need,” the POTUS receiving minimum wage while in office, and instilling a strong work ethic into the nation’s youth.

Blythe wraps it all up by saying, “I know it’s gonna sting a little at first, but remember, America: I’m only doing this for your own good.” You can read Blythe’s lengthy campaign announcement here and let us know if he has your vote!