If we’ve learned anything over the past month about Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, other than how much his band shreds, it’s that he has a lot of opinions, and he’s not afraid to share them.

Blythe recently answered a few eye-opening questions submitted by The Merch Dude, a Twitter feed manned by an anonymous and entertaining member of the music community, who keeps things real about the industry. Blythe talked about everything from misconceptions about his band to the ever-increasing price of a concert ticket.

So what is the biggest misconception about Lamb of God? According to Blythe, it’s plain and simple: people assuming that they’re filthy rich. “Folks think that everyone in a professional band sleeps on mattresses made out of hundred dollar bills and just sits back chilling when they aren’t tour, spending all their free time screwing models and cashing massive royalty checks,” said Blythe. “I got bad news for the kids who want to try and do this thing for a living: it ain’t that way.”

He also wants people to know, although he may have been portrayed as such in the past, he’s really not an angry man, explaining, “While it’s true I voice my opinions, and I do so with a firm conviction and no hesitation whatsoever, anywhere and anytime I deem fit, that doesn’t mean I’m angry all the time. Far from it.” In fact, he lets any frustrations he may have, come out through his music, “My band is my vehicle to voice my frustrations. Once they are out, I’m totally chill. I’m a very relaxed, polite, and friendly guy, unless you act like a f--ing idiot around me.”

Weighing in on the increasing price of concert tickets, Blythe wants fans to know, the bands are not benefiting from it. He admits, “The 'service' charges and fees and all that sh-- constantly amaze me. I don’t believe I or anyone else in a band see any extra loot out of all this bullsh--. It SUCKS.” At the end of the day, bands are not responsible for selling the tickets and Blythe wants fans to know that, saying, “I think the main reason bands don’t sell their own tickets is..IT’S NOT THEIR JOB. It’s the promoter/venue’s job. I’m a singer, not a venue owner.”

Check out the full five in-depth questions with Blythe here, it’s an interesting read and his honesty is refreshing. Lamb of God are gearing up to release their new album ‘Resolution’ on Jan. 24 and if that doesn’t keep him busy, Blythe just might run for president.