Jimmy Page didn't always want to be a rock god -- and Robert Plant wasn't his first choice to front Led Zeppelin, or even the second. Our sister site Ultimate Classic Rock shares these and other lesser-known stories in a video called You Think You Know Led Zeppelin?

Find out which group of rock legends were deemed "boring" and "unprofessional" by John Paul Jones, after Zeppelin's bassist worked with them to score a string arrangement. The video also explains why Led Zeppelin's original choice as singer said no, and how Page's inquiry about a second candidate was met with a shockingly violent retort.

Oh, and about Page's childhood career aspirations? It wasn't to play guitar before adoring millions, or even to take the mic from Plant. Instead, he initially admits to dreams that -- very surprisingly -- would have taken Page out of music all together.

Learn all of these little-known facts, and much more, by watching the You Think You Know Led Zeppelin? video above.

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