Les Claypool and his dizzying bass guitar-driven outfit Primus are currently on the road, and according to Claypool, the tour is unlike any they’ve done before. “We're doing two sets. One set is a mixture of older material, and the second set is the new album in its entirety,” he told SFGate.com, referring to songs off the band’s first full-length in over a decade, ‘Green Naugahyde.’

Hearing that your favorite band is planning a set of all-new material is rarely a positive. Claypool, an avid music fan, is aware of this, and he was worried people would storm for the exits after their first set. Of course, that hasn't happened. Instead, fans are sticking it out to the end, lapping up the new material. After all, it's Primus. What's not to love?

“That's what I was worried about - the mass exodus,” he said. “But we throw some old classic cartoons at them after the first set and it puts them in a trance. People are grooving on it. I'm not a fan of going to see a band and hearing all the new stuff. But this album just flows. I also think Primus fans are pretty unique.”

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