Wes Borland recently went on a rampage against prog metal veterans Dream Theater in a random and somewhat vicious slew on Twitter.

The Limp Bizkit guitarist began the chain of tweets by responding to a positive comment about Dream Theater posted by one of Borland's fans. "Please explain to me what there is to like about Dream Theater. Please. I accept your challenge. Maybe."

Borland continued the Dream Theater bashing throughout the day of April 20, which may explain the random Tweets in the first place. Although the 4/20 reasoning does have its flaws, as stoners tend to love Dream Theater. Here are all the Dream Theater slams from April 20:

@EpicNealTime "I know I'm in Limp Bizkit, one of the most hated bands in the world. But those guys can NOT write songs. Not a band."

@Suffohated "Nope. Musicians are not mathematicians. Feeling and soul over technique and speed. Not buying it and never will."

"Enjoy Dream Theater everyone! What a fantastic…. thing."

"I love you guys to death, even if you like DT Cruiser. Just a VERY STRONG opinion."

"Cheese Theater."

@BigTmoney "Look, if you get it you get it, I wanna shoot them out of a cannon, but a lot of people want to do that to my band too..."

"Nah, Dream Theater is amazing. So inspiring... I think of them fondly when my hemorrhoids are acting up."

It continued into the next day, when Borland wrote the following tweets:

"I wish I had never talked about Dream Theater, because now I have to think about them. At least their songs don't get stuck in your head!"

"You see, the great thing about being in the most hated band in the world, is you can say whatever you want without fear of more hatred."

Today on the 23rd, Borland tweeted once more on Dream Theater:

"I'm having post smack talking guilt about DT, (even though I still think it's funny)."

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