Limp Bizkit’s latest release, 2011’s ‘Gold Cobra,’ shows the guys are back in the metallic game, bringing hip-hop-infused hard rock songs that are as forceful and infections as ever. Considering Limp Bizkit’s heavy sound and delivery, it seems odd that guitarist Wes Borland is a fan of opera. But, apparently, he’s a major opera-goer.

“… [I] try to pay to attention different opera costume designers. Even the set designers on big opera productions are inspiring,” Borland told Artist Direct. “I go to the L.A. opera a lot. I'm trying to soak in as much art as possible. I love Matthew Barney. I love Takashi Miike. A lot of Björk's visual ideas are really inspiring. I'm always open. What can I rip off and combine with different things to somehow make it my own? My sensor is always on.”

Opera fun aside, looking back on Limp Bizkit’s career, Borland says the original Family Values Tour was certainly a milestone.

“… I remember I'd seen Rammstein a couple years before at a festival in Europe. It might've been in 1996. That was the first tour we ever did,” he said. “… Realizing we were going to be on tour with them was unreal. That was an awesome tour.

“Now that we've come back together and are doing things, people will send me stuff on Twitter and go like, ‘Look at this from way back when.’ It'll be an interview or something and I have no memory of it. I don't remember a lot of that stuff. I wasn't drunk or on drugs. It's such a whirlwind to be on a tour like that. In '98, I was 22- or 23-years-old. At that age, it's so crazy. I don't remember a lot of it, but I remember the feeling of it. It felt huge, and it felt amazing.”