It’s Episode Five of the Loudwire Podcast! This time, our guests are Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy and guitarist Mark Tremonti!

This episode gives listeners a one-two punch of modern rock giants. We spoke with Myles and Mark about a bunch of topics, including Alter Bridge’s newest album, The Last Hero. The duo speak of how the album skirts the line between rock and metal along with using seven-string guitars for the first time. The theme of heroes radiates throughout the work, so we also asked the guys if they see any real-life heroes in the world today.

The two musicians have experienced very different sides of the music industry. Tremonti, coming from the diamond-selling band Creed, got to experience the days of colossal album sales while Kennedy entered the spotlight as album sales started to decline. We got their individual perceptions of today’s industry and how it has affected them.

In this episode’s ‘Rocker vs. Writer’ segment, we debate the greatest rock and metal guitar duo of all time. A host of phenomenal duos from every era of rock and metal were thrown out there, but you’ll hear definitive answers for all our personal favorites, including the hands-down greatest guitar duo album ever made.

Check out Episode Five of the Loudwire Podcast above! You can also download the podcast for free via iTunes, and while you’re there, hit the subscribe button so you never miss an episode! Alter Bridge's The Last Hero will hit stores on Oct. 7. To order a copy of the record, click here.

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