Welcome to the weekly Loudwire Radio readers poll. Every weekend, Loudwire radio will be bringing you the Top 20 songs of the week both from the airwaves and online. However, we will also be playing one extra song on the show chosen by -- you guessed it -- the Loudwire readers! Congrats to Tremonti and the track 'You Waste Your Time' on being our most recent victor. You'll be able to hear that track on next week's broadcast, but right now we've got five brand new songs for you to choose from.

Our first track in this week's poll is 'Bringing Down the Giant' by Saving Abel. Can you be their saviors and get them onto Loudwire Radio?

Californian post-grunge three-piece Smile Empty Soul are back with the new track, 'Afterlife' from their '3's' album. Emphatic are also in contention with the song 'Put the Drink Down.'

Eccentric rockers Foxy Shazam just missed the Top 20 for Loudwire, but you can get their new single 'Holy Touch' on the radio. Check out our review of the song here. Finally, we have Eve to Adam's cover of the classic Alice Cooper cut 'School's Out.'

Vote for your favorite track in the poll below to decide which song will be played during next week's broadcast of Loudwire Radio. (This poll will close on Wednesday, May 30, at noon ET).