It'll be a blissful weekend on the 'Loudwire Reloaded' broadcast as Royal Bliss have emerged victorious in our latest Airplay Vote poll. The band's latest single 'Cry Sister' garnered just shy of 58 percent of the vote to receive the extra airplay on this weekend's 'Loudwire Reloaded' show (click below for a list of stations).

With Royal Bliss advancing, it's time to give you more options to choose from so that another great up-and-coming track can get the recognition it deserves. Your voting will decide which new track will get the featured position on the next 'Loudwire Reloaded' broadcast.

Otherwise's 'Die for You' and Young Guns' 'You Are Not (Lonely)' both earned a significant piece of the vote last week and they will return to compete for the extra airplay this week. They're joined by Eyes Set to Kill's 'Infected,' The Pretty Reckless' 'Heaven Knows' and We as Human's breakout single, 'Strike Back.'

Which of these songs rules enough to be heard alongside the biggest songs in hard rock radio? That's your call. Vote up to once per hour in the poll below. Voting ends on Monday, Nov. 25 at 10AM ET.