In a new interview, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn talks about how a class in high school partially influenced some tracks on their new album 'Unto the Locust.'

Flynn tells I Heart Guitar Blog, "I actually took classical guitar in high school. It was an elective I had to take and I mainly just smoked a lot of weed and played Black Sabbath songs." He also admits that he got a below average grade for the class. "I guess I showed that teacher, huh?"

Despite the C-minus grade, Flynn expresses that classical guitar had a positive effect on his music. "It really got my mind into that mindset of playing it, and once I really started playing I always leaned towards classical players."

Flynn also expresses his excitement about Machine Head stickman Dave McClaine's drumming skills: "McClain's definitely channeling his inner Keith Moon, for sure. It's just that chaotic anything-goes thing that I love, you know? He adds this chaotic vibe."

Machine Head's new album 'Unto the Locust' (read our review here) is all about chaos, and Flynn feels it's provides a break from the music produces by a lot of metal bands these days. "We're really bummed out by a lot of metal bands right now ... Every roll is perfect, every hit is perfect, everything is just perfect. And that sounds like s--t to us."