Machine Head have just released their music video for 'Locust,' the first single from their seventh full-length album 'Unto the Locust.' The video depicts the band thrashing as a swarm of locusts unleash havoc upon a city. Of course as ordinary citizens run for their lives, Machine Head don't let the infestation phase them as they watch the city succumb to the plague.

'Unto the Locust' has received praise from both fans and critics, receiving perfect scores from Metal Hammer and Kerrang! The song 'Locust' represents the steady progression continued since Machine Head's last album, 'The Blackening,' released in 2007. The video cuts the running time of 'Locust' from over seven and a half minutes to just over six minutes. Although the video's version of the song is over a minute shorter than the original, it doesn't sacrifice the impact or appeal of the song.

Machine Head worked with director Mike Sloat once again to create the 'Locust' video. This is Sloat's ninth time directing a video for the band, having worked on shoots such as 'Aesthetics of Hate' and 'Imperium.' "We shot the band on green screen in Philadelphia on August 1st, 2011," Sloat told Take My Scars. "It was on a off-date from the Mayhem Festival. There's well over 600 shots in the video, all of which have varying levels of CG effects, and ended up taking over two months to complete."

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Watch Machine Head's 'Locust' Music Video (Courtesy of Pitchfork)