Dave Mustaine has led an interesting life so far, as he battled addiction and got kicked out of Metallica, a band he co-founded, only to turn around and create a little band called Megadeth. It was those impressive achievements and more that former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ star Luke Perry says drew him to look at Mustaine while working on his upcoming movie ‘The Beat Beneath My Feet.’

Perry explains that he channeled Mustaine for his upcoming role as a veteran rocker who has to overcome injuries and emotional obstacles. Perry tells the Press Association, “I thought about the gentleman from Megadeth -- Dave Mustaine. He was a guy who had a lot of trouble in his life because of different issues. He got asked to leave one band and started up his own band. Something happened to his arm and he was challenged physically to play the guitar.”

Perry noted the drive and fire Mustaine must have, “I thought, ‘There's something inside that guy that really drives him to overcome all those things and find his way back to making music.' So I wondered about that a lot when thinking about the challenges he had to overcome, so there may have been part of where that came from."

Mustaine recently revealed that he’s heading into the recording studio March 2 to start recording the next Megadeth album. He told Full Metal Jackie what fans should NOT expect their new music to sound like: “I’m not making another radio song ever, cause you know that’s what record companies want. It was the bane of Megadeth’s existence. When ‘Countdown’ came out, we had so many radio songs — from ‘Countdown’ to ‘Youthanasia’ to ‘Cryptic’ to ‘Risk’ and down and down and down, it was more radio, radio, radio. I love all those songs, but it’s not what Megadeth fans want to hear. They want to hear ‘The Conjuring,’ ‘Set the World Afire,’ stuff like ‘Devil’s Island,’ ‘Holy Wars’ and ‘Prisoners’ and I get it, I wrote those songs. I can do that in my sleep. But when you’re having someone say, ‘This is what you have to do,’ you know, you listen or you don’t.”

The movie 'The Beat Beneath My Feet' comes out May 12. Learn more about the film here.

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