After a busy year on Mayhem Festival and almost missing out on The Big 4 in New York City, Megadeth vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine recently underwent neck surgery and will be starting physical therapy soon.

Speaking with Metal Obsession (via, Megadeth stickman Shawn Drover said, "He's recovered really well. Everything went really well and the surgery was a complete success. You know, he just needs time to heal. It takes time to heal.”

Megadeth is also gearing up for more touring. “He needs to rest up before our South American tour in November. He really needed to have it done," he said. "He was in a lot of pain for the last several shows that we did during the Mayhem tour and at the 'Big Four' show at the Yankee Stadium [in New York City] as well.

“It sucks seeing him in pain, but he's a real trooper.”

Mustaine commented about his injury, explaining, “I have what's called stenosis — three herniated discs and bone spurs everywhere. It's just a lot of wear and tear over my body over the years touring."  On Oct. 5, Mustaine also stated on Twitter that the neck and spine injury was caused by “years of headbanging.”

Mustaine added that "we've had to push our Dubai date back to December and we may end up having to push our South American tour back, too, because they say the healing time is somewhere around two months.”

Megadeth has also confirmed plans for a Gigantour in 2012, which will include fellow metal veterans Motorhead with support from Lacuna Coil and Volbeat.