Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover's exit from Megadeth last November sparked a lot of interest in the band and what its lineup will look like when Megadeth release a new album. And rather smartly, Megadeth's remaining members Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson have kept that secret under wraps with a few little teases here and there.

As speculation continues on Megadeth's lineup, former guitarist Glen Drover has offered his two cents, telling Metal Wani in the interview posted above, "I would bet money I don't have it's Nick Menza on drums. And whoever the guitar player is, we'll find out."

Just last year, Mustaine had suggested that a reunion with Menza and Marty Friedman would be like "putting a rotten tooth back in your mouth." But Menza didn't bite on the jab, stating, "I had my time with Dave and it was great. I don't make it a point to bash my former band members and diminish the memories of our great times together." He also added that he had his own plans and was not relying on a reunion to happen in order to further his career.

After the split with Broderick and Drover, Menza was once again questioned about his return and stated that it was not out of the question that he could return. He added that the door was open but the decision was not his to make. Menza also has a project he's currently working on with former Megadeth members Chris Poland and James Lomenzo.

Megadeth issued a video late last year featuring Ellefson jamming with a mystery drummer. And around the holidays, Dave Mustaine teased that the band's fans would be "very happy" knowing what is going on in the studio right now. But do those teases point to a former member of the band returning?

As for Drover, he's already ruled out a return to the band. But he did add, "For me, up until the time I left, we actually had a lot of good times. We never had a big falling out or anything like that. I have a lot of good memories, especially from the first two years."

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