There’s a lot of monkeying around in the new Megadeth video for their single ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ off of their latest album ‘TH1RT3EN.’

The video goes for an old school western feel with a modern twist. It depicts a bandit on the run, except this outlaw happens to be a monkey. The police who are in charge are also of the primate family. The highlights of the video are the high-speed chase scenes between the monkeys the epic shoot out when the fugitive monkey goes all Tony Montana ‘Scarface’ style on the authoritative ape.

The appearances of the members of Megadeth in the video are humorous ones, especially Dave Mustaine singing ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ in a poster that reads “Wanted Dead or Dead.’ Watching Mustaine belt out the tune as a news anchor on television also has a certain comedic aspect to it.

The video was shot in Santa Clarita, Calif. Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, who got the short end of the stick in the music video as he had to lay in bed with a monkey, stated that "We have never shot a video like this before; there's actually animals in the movie and that's all we can say."

To say the least, monkeys never looked so badass.

Watch the Megadeth ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ Video