Details have finally been revealed for Meshuggah’s eighth studio album! The Violent Sleep of Reason is set for release on Oct. 7!

Meshuggah’s awesome discography is about to receive its first addition since Koloss hit shelves in 2012. The Violent Sleep of Reason will deliver 10 new tracks once the album drops this fall. There’s no word on when the record’s first single will begin streaming, but we can’t be too far off.

Last year, guitarist Marten Hagstrom spoke about how he tends not to listen to music while working on a new record. "Since we're in writing mode now, I don't listen to music, basically, at all,” Hagstrom told “Not because 'I'm not gonna listen to music,' but it's just that… When you've got a lot of stuff to do… You know, I pick up the kid, go home, feed him, put him to bed, and then it's time for me to work, and I sit and play guitar for… whatever… many hours and try to make some new music, it's not like I'm gonna kick back and put on an album, regardless of style.”

Pre-orders for Meshuggah’s The Violent Sleep of Reason are now available. Along with a regular CD, you can grab vinyl in multiple colors, a shirt with poster combo and even a box set that includes a creepy-as-hell mask!

Check out the track listing for Meshuggah’s The Violent Sleep of Reason below and get ready for Oct. 7!

Meshuggah, The Violent Sleep of Reason Track Listing:

01. "Clockworks"
02. "Born in Dissonance"
03. "MonstroCity"
04. "By the Ton"
05. "Violent Sleep of Reason"
06. "Ivory Tower"
07. "Stifled"
08. "Nostrum"
09. "Our Rage Won’t Die"
10. "Into Decay"

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