If you're a Dream Theater fan or simply a fan of drummer Mike Portnoy, you know how important Iron Maiden is to both. Portnoy recently dropped by our studio to talk all things music, including legendary Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson's battle with cancer.

Along with a great round of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?, we filmed a bunch of stuff with Mike Portnoy, focusing on his entire career from Dream Theater to Avenged Sevenfold, Adrenaline Mob, the Winery Dogs and much more. The man is prolific to say the least, having lived a dream by touring with Iron Maiden in the past.

In this exclusive clip, Portnoy explains how Dream Theater's goal was to become the ultimate hybrid of Rush and Iron Maiden. Portnoy also goes into his reaction when he heard of Dickinson's cancer diagnosis and speak about the many metal heroes such as Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi and Vivian Campbell who have fought the disease.

Portnoy also delves into the character of Bruce Dickinson, saying, "If there's a person on Earth that is strong-minded and willed… he's such a 'get up and go' kind of guy. If anybody's gonna kick its ass it's gonna be him."

Watch Mike Portnoy speak about Bruce Dickinson in the clip above!

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