Ministry's Al Jourgensen is one of the most respected musicians in the world of industrial metal. His creative breakthroughs are as infamous as his personal struggles with drug use, both of which are showcased in the new documentary, 'Fix: The Ministry Movie.'

The controversy spreads beyond the film's content, with Al Jourgensen having filed a lawsuit against the filmmakers in an attempt to block any future screenings of 'Fix.' Now, after clearing legal hurdles, 'Fix' will be shown in select U.S. cities within the next month.

Shot on the road during Ministry's 1996 'Sphinctour,' the film promises a "Twisted, paranoid, humorous look at life on the road and backstage with Al Jourgensen." Along with documenting a major world tour, 'Fix' focuses heavily on the drug use of Jourgensen and the degenerative effect it had on the Ministry frontman as well as those he surrounded himself with.

'Fix' includes appearances from Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, Tool's Maynard James Keenan and Korn's Jonathan Davis, as well as members of Motorhead, Jane's Addiction and the Dead Kennedys.

Jourgensen reportedly has had a love/hate relationship with the film, having filed a $70,000 lawsuit against Gigantic Pictures in April of this year for breach of contract. Jourgensen stated, "In any contract signed throughout the history of the filming of this, it was understood and in writing and approved and signed by everyone that I would have final cut approval of this film being shown anywhere, let alone being released. I never got that."

Jourgensen dropped the lawsuit in July, thus allowing the film to be shown and distributed as originally intended.

Screenings of 'Fix' are listed below, with additional screenings planned for the near future.

Upcoming 'Fix' Screenings:

09/23-29 -- The Clinton St. Theater, Portland, Ore.
09/28 -- The Regent Theatre, Boston, Mass.
10/03 -- The Echo, Los Angeles, Calif.
10/19 -- Chelsea Theater, New York, N.Y. (CMJ Festival)

Watch the Trailer for 'Fix: The Ministry Movie'