Like many hard rock and metal acts, Miss May I have garnered support from fans in the military, and that is something that is not lost on the band, who have penned a song and shot a new video with the military in mind. The tune is called 'Hero With No Name' and it's featured on the group's 'Rise of the Lion' album.

Frontman Levi Benton tells Billboard, who premiered the video, "We have met many soldiers, even overseas at our shows, that have told us amazing heroic stories of them on patrol. All of them have told us that they listen to us every day on patrol and it helps the days go by faster and get them pumped up for any action. For someone to tell us that, it takes our breath away because we are sitting in green rooms and fancy buses while they are out risking their lives! The least we could do was give them an anthem and pay our respects."

In the clip above, you'll see a mixture of the band performing the song and some of their military fans stating who they are, how long they've served and what they do. In addition, scenes of military helicopters and battle are also featured in the clip.

Benton also revealed that the band has received feedback from service members about the song, explaining, "We have had soldiers emotionally respond to us and tell us how much they enjoyed the dedication. Live we like to give a moment for them and ask the crowd to buy a beer for them if you see them in the crowd. We want them to know we respect what they do to the fullest."

Miss May I are currently keeping active on the road. They play next on Jan. 22 in Baltimore, with North American shows booked through March 8 in Philadelphia. See their full itinerary here. Miss May I's 'Rise of the Lion' album is out now and is available at Amazon and iTunes.