Motley Crue have made it clear that these final shows are it. They drew up a contract, they've repeatedly denied proposed loopholes that could bring them back to the concert stage and generally there's been an air of excitement by each member about their post-touring Motley Crue careers. But if that's not enough, the group is prepared to get "killed" just to stave off any possibility of a return.

By "killed," we're referring to what could be an awesome end to their career with stage theatrics rather than something more literal. And they've got the perfect person to do it; the original shock rocker, Alice Cooper, who has a history of onstage slayings.

Speaking with Metal Hammer recently, drummer Tommy Lee and "Final Tour" support act Alice Cooper revealed that what started off as a joke may become reality as the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer may give Crue their TRULY final farewell.

Cooper stated, "The idea was, because people were saying, 'It's not really gonna be the end,' and I go, 'New Year is their last show. You know how I know? Because I'm gonna kill them at the end.' Of course I was kidding, but Tommy said that wasn't a bad idea, with a machine gun and blood packs." Lee jokingly responded, "No blood packs, real bullets. We're tired, we're old, we're cranky. You've gotta put us down."

Motley Crue held a press conference earlier this week in the midst of a European run to hype up the final leg of Euro tour dates that kicks off in November. Those shows are bookended by North American legs, with the band's final performance to take place on New Year's Eve at Los Angeles' Staples Center. See the remaining dates on Motley Crue's "Final Tour" here.

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