Over the years, Motley Crue's Tommy Lee has managed to continually top himself when it comes to his levitating drum kit. The most recent incarnation is known as the 'Cruecifly' and the kit is actually a rollercoaster that finds Lee doing flips and hovering toward the top of the concert venues.

It's all part of the lure of Motley Crue's 'Final Tour,' but Lee reveals he had even a grander plan in mind for his 'Cruecifly' coaster. He explained to ABC Radio, "I wanted to add an extra seat because I wanted to take a fan with me, which we still may do. We're still kind of messing around with the insurance company, because it's one thing to insure me over the audience, but it's another to insure another just regular folk that I picked out of the crowd. That's a whole other animal, so we're working on it."

Lee says he began coming up with the idea for the 'Cruecifly' one day, drawing out sketches on cocktail napkins, but little did he ever think his vision would become reality. "This is like the mothership," says Lee of his drumming vehicle.

The drummer recently revealed that the 'Cruecifly' will be in motion only at select venues on the band's 'Final Tour,' as not all of the venues can support the weight of the coaster.

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