Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is no fan of SeaWorld. The rocker has been campaigning against the water park in recent years, taking issue with their treatment of the animals featured in their shows. Now he's upping the ante in his campaign against SeaWorld, utilizing social media and fan interaction to bring more attention to the organization's treatment of animals.

During Motley Crue's 'Final Tour,' Lee is engaging fans by leading them on a scavenger hunt via social media and specifically focusing on the venues near SeaWorld locations. During the band's recent San Diego-area stop, Lee encouraged fans to seek out a t-shirt that read 'SeaWorld Kills,' with the winner receiving backstage passes to meet the drummer in return for tweeting a photo of themselves wearing the shirt.

PETA's Twitter account, as they are also backing Lee's campaigning efforts. Check out the photo below.

"In addition to the buzz generated at the show, Tommy's half-million Twitter followers all learned about the cruel treatment and confinement of orcas at SeaWorld, which is a huge boost to our campaign," says PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews.

Lee intends on staging similar social networking stunts at the band's shows in Texas and Florida, states that also have SeaWorld theme parks.

In 2012, the drummer reached out to SeaWorld, asking the organization to stop using Motley Crue songs during their shows, adding that the loud music was abusive to whales.