Myles Kennedy may just be one of the hardest working men in rock. Between juggling his own band Alter Bridge and singing lead vocals on Slash’s new solo album, he’s got a full plate, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. In a new interview clip, Kennedy and Slash talk about how they found each other and the dynamics of juggling multiple gigs.

On working with Slash, Kennedy couldn’t be happier, “If someone would have told me back in the day when I played guitar and use to cover half of ‘Appetite for Destruction’ that I was going to be out singing these songs with Slash, I would have been like, ‘No Way.’”

Slash was turned on to Kennedy’s vocal chops by pal Matt Sorum. “Fortunately I caught Myles during his off time with Alter Bridge, that’s how I got him to commit to a tour,” reports Slash. “I just knew that he was the guy that would be able to handle the whole broad spectrum of styles that I needed.” Kennedy is known for his versatility and wide range of genres.

Kennedy was literally wrapping up recording his vocals for the latest Alter Bridge record, ‘AB III’ the day he left to go on tour with Slash, “The first day I remember thinking, how did I do this? I have no idea how I pulled some of this off?”

One thing that Slash and Myles seem to share is their workaholic mentality, at least according to Slash. “The workaholic that Myles is, is like how I am. I’m happiest when I’m busiest, so I think it’s good for him to keep going." He continued to say, "It fits his personality, it definitely works for me.”

Check Out the Interview Clip With Myles Kennedy and Slash