Rhythm guitarist Stefan Helleblad and drummer Mike Coolen are new additions to Dutch symphonic rock band Within Temptation. In a video interview, Helleblad and Coolen talk all about their experiences since joining the band, going on tour and meeting fans all over the world.

“The first day was great, I tried to think about it last night but it, tried to take it in but it was just so much stuff that happened” says Helleblad. “It was not at all what I expected, I was kind of blown away by the whole thing, it was just really fun.”

Coolen elaborates by saying that the “first night was great, so many countries, so many people, great venues, full of fans having a great time which makes us feel good.” He goes on to say “I knew Within Temptation was big, but that big?”

The new stickman continues by talking about his hobbies while on the road such as “watching movies, playing games, the rock 'n' roll things basically.” [Laughs] “I’m the quiet one, except for on stage.”

It was announced early last year that Mike Coolen would be hitting the skins for Within Temptation, while the newest member Stefan Helleblad takes over on guitar for axeman Robert Westerholt, who has decided to take time off to take care of behind the scenes tasks dealing with the band as well as caring for the three children he has with frontwoman Sharon den Adel.

“We’re the new guys in the band, we do what we do” says Coolen. “We hope we can boost up Within Temptation as much as possible, do our own thing in the band and we hope the fans will like it, we do our best and we continue to do our best and we look to the future with great enthusiasm.”

Watch the Video Interview With Stefan Helleblad and Mike Coolen