Symphonic metal group Nightwish are getting ready to hit North America later this year on a headlining tour that kicks off in September and runs through mid-October. To get fans pumped for the release, the Finnish and Swedish band have posted a new “Nightmail” session featuring fan questions answered by vocalist Anette Olzon and the gang.

One of the biggest questions in fans minds, of course, is how Olzon dealt with the pressure of stepping into an already-established band and taking over lead singing duties. Olzon says that while it was a challenge at first, things really came together on the band’s latest album, 'Imaginaerum.'

“It was easier this time in many ways,” she said. “First of all, since I wasn’t the new singer this time and didn't have to be nervous in the studio and feeling the ‘pressure’ of making a fool of myself. Also, the songs were made for me this time, and Tuomas [Holopainen, keyboardist/songwriter] had gotten to know my vocal range and where I find it easier to sing. Also, the album [is more] in the ‘musical’ and theatrical way of singing now which is more my style.”

As for the songwriting, Olzon says she left that up to keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen. “Regarding the writing of the album, I didn't have any input, and that's mainly because in the band, Tuomas is our songwriter and comes up with the ideas and the songs,” she said. “Then the arrangement process is done with everyone in the band but due to me having my baby, the guys had to arrange this album themselves.”

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