He's a prolific musician, a member of one of the most successful rock bands of all time, a published author, and an entrepreneur -- and now, thanks to his role in an upcoming indie film, Nikki Sixx can add "actor" to his long list of accomplishments too.

How did he score his latest gig? It probably helps that the film in question, titled 'Shoot'er,' is being directed by P.R. Brown, who's helmed Motley Crue's music videos as far back as 2004's 'If I Die Tomorrow.' Sixx is also helping promote the project, which is currently seeking funds via a Kickstarter project. As Sixx put it via Twitter: "Paul Brown, who does all Crüe's videos and photos, is doing a short film... Let's help out. I am."

According to the 'Shoot'er' Kickstarter page, the film "explores the fine line between being human and fulfilling your objectives," and promises "a good tale with a hell of twist." Sixx's character isn't named, but is described as "the adulterous scoundrel."

Interested in helping 'Shoot'er' come to fruition? You have just over a month to help Brown reach his goal of raising $44,000 to "cover the construction of sets, permits, helicopter footage along the coast and a car and stunt driver."