Nonpoint are ready to unleash their new album 'The Return' later this month, but first the band wants to give you a glimpse inside the studio. This video marks the second in the group's in studio series that they're exclusively debuting here at Loudwire.

In the clip, seen above, the band provides a little insight into the recording process, which you can see is a truly collaborative effort by the time all is said and done. The video also opens with a glance at the white board the band used to keep track of the progress of the various songs on 'The Return.' Check out the clip above and revisit the first video in the series here.

'The Return' is due Sept. 30 and the disc is currently available for pre-order at iTunes. In addition, you can pick up special bundle packages at the group's online merch site. The band just debuted the new song 'Never Ending Hole' off the effort.

As for their support of 'The Return,' Nonpoint will be hitting the road this fall. Their dates can be found by clicking the button below.