We're not condoning fighting or anything, but if we did find ourselves in a brawl, what could be cooler than leaving the Motorhead Warpig logo embedded in the cheek or jaw of our opponent. Of course, London-based jewelry company The Great Frog isn't hand-crafting two new Motorhead rings to be used as weapons. And with a price point in the triple figures, you'd probably be better off with brass knuckles -- not that we support stomping posers or anything.

The Great Frog designed Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister's original Warpig ring around 25 years ago, and recently collaborated with the rocker to launch two rings today (Dec. 9). Each ring is handmade sterling silver and comes with a limited-edition number engraved on the back. The first five rings go to the band and management. The classic Warpig ring sells for $360 and the Ace of Spades model goes for $295. The rings are available at Great Frog's stores in New York, Los Angeles and London and on the company's website.

If you're planning to buy a Motorhead ring for your loved one, what could go better with it than the Motorhead Shiraz Wine, which we recently listed as the No. 1 holiday gift for rock fans.

A promo video for the Warpig ring as well as a making-of clip for the Ace of Spaces ring can be seen below.

Watch the Promo Video for the New Motorhead Rings