Opeth have released a groovy new video for their single ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ off of their latest record ‘Heritage.

The mostly animated video features dark images of a satanic figure hovering over a murky city. The footage begins with a woman jumping off of a building, spiraling down into an unknown abyss.

The hasty pace of the song ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ compliments the chaotic activity in the video. It also includes various clips of an afflicted woman (who is not animated) backed by kaleidoscopic visuals. When the song slows down, so does the visualization and tone of the video, so the video mirrors the audio.

Directed by the very talented Phil Mucci, who has shot videos for Halestorm, Dommin, Hail the Villain, among many others, fans descend into hellish world of bizarre imagery. The video is jam packed with different surrealistic images that would make Salvador Dali himself very proud.

Opeth are currently on the road in order to promote their new album ‘Heritage.’

Watch the Video For 'The Devil's Orchard'