Wow! How cool is this? If you're a fan of Orange is the New Black, you've likely binged through all three seasons on Netflix already. However, we bet you didn't know Annie Golden, who plays Norma, was the frontwoman for New York City punk rock band the Shirts.

Season Three of Orange is the New Black focused a little heavier on the character of Norma, who was primarily known as the mute (though she did sing in one episode) right-hand woman of Galina 'Red' Reznikov. We got to experience the background story of Norma in Season Three and how it affected her enhanced role throughout the hit show's newest season, but actress Annie Golden also has a fascinating back story to tell.

The Shirts was a staple act of the New York City punk scene during its golden years in the 1970s. The Shirts regularly performed at legendary venue CBGB's, where bands like the Ramones and Blondie got their start. Annie Golden's old band even scored a moderate hit with the pop-rock song "Tell Me Your Plans." You can easily find the Shirts performing the track on Dutch TV show TopPop in 1978 with a simple YouTube search.

Let's get into the band's punk roots. If you really want to see Annie Golden rock out, we suggest a 1979 live performance of "Teenage Crush," which you can watch above. Golden's voice is legitimately good… in fact, it's damn good! With her hiked-up jeans and band shirt, Golden tears up the stage in front of an enthused crowd. Her stage presence is awesome, proving herself as a powerful woman within a male-dominated scene. Golden couldn't look more comfortable onstage as she shuffles around and belts out captivating vocals.

We highly recommend checking out Golden and the Shirts jamming "Teenage Crush" in the clip above. You may just discover one of your new favorite bands!

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