Canadian metal band Kittie have seen their fair share of lineup changes throughout their career. The female rockers have continued putting out new music on a regular bases, but have not been able to revisit the success they achieved with their first disc ‘Spit’ in 1999, reaching Gold status.

It seems that the band may be considering a return to their original lineup, which includes guitarist Fallon Bowman and bassist Tanya Candler, to perform their hit debut record. Yesterday an interesting proposal appeared on the band’s Twitter page, saying, “If we did shows with the original lineup (@fallonbowman, @TanyaCandler) and played all of 'Spit' in its entirety, would you come? And where?"

Former member Candler currently plays bass in a band called Alcohollys so no word yet on whether this would be just a one time show or a permanent return to their original form.

Kittie recently lost bassist Ivy Vujic who left the band after four years saying it was time for her to “move on”.

As noted, for now this is simply a question posed by the band on Twitter but we want to know what you think! Would you be excited to see the original Kittie lineup reunite to rock out ‘Spit’ from start to finish?