Before Overkill's thrash-tastic New York City show on May 12, frontman Bobby Blitz took some time to speak with us in the luxurious backstage bathroom of the Best Buy Theater. In this exclusive interview, Blitz talks about Overkill's newest album, 'The Electric Age,' the New York City crowd, his punk rock roots + much more.

Although billed from New Jersey, Overkill have also made New York City their home base. After 16 studio albums and well over 25 years of thrashing, the New York / New Jersey fans have gotten increasingly rabid and loyal, with Overkill's fan base getting older and younger simultaneously.

Blitz spoke with us about his love of the hometown crowd, how New York City's '70s punk scene shaped Overkill's sound and how the Ramones' self-titled debut changed his life. Blitz also grew up with a pastime called Ramones-spotting, which he nostalgically describes in the interview.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Bobby Blitz of Overkill below:

Overkill's Bobby Blitz Talks to Loudwire