What's better than sex for Ozzy Osbourne? A good rock show! But don't tell Sharon that. In fact, don't even let her read this new interview Ozzy had with Consequence of Sound.

Ozzy is currently promoting his 'Memoirs of a Madman' compilation album. The release brings together a ton of classic Ozzy Osbourne solo goodies to remind fans that the Prince of Darkness' solo career is far from finished. "I’m going to be doing another Black Sabbath album and another tour," Ozzy begins, "and I thought, 'Well, people are going to think I’m not doing my solo stuff anymore.' So, 'Memoirs of a Madman' is to let people know I’m not retired from my solo career. I am going to continue after Black Sabbath, because this next Black Sabbath thing is the final thing. We’re not doing it anymore."

As for Ozzy's next solo record, the metal legend has already got three songs written. "One is called 'Crack Cocaine,' one is called 'Mr. Armageddon,' and I can’t remember the other title."

Ozzy continues to speak about his love for live music, "I saw that Michael Jackson hologram on TV today. That was scary, that was. I said to my wife, 'Darling, I could just send my hologram on tour.' There is nothing like a live, good rock and roll concert. It’s the best when everything is in its right place and the mood is right. A good rock and roll show to me is better than sex."

Check out the full Ozzy Osbourne interview over at Consequence of Sound. To pick up 'Memoirs of a Madman,' click here.

You Think You Know Black Sabbath?

You Think You Know Ozzy Osbourne?