‘Doctor’ Ozzy Osbourne can now add search and rescue to his list of metal master skills! The original ‘Prince of Darkness’ unknowingly helped rescue a boy in the San Bernardino National Forest who recently became lost after running off from his Twin Peaks, Calif., school.

Joshua Robb, an 8-year-old autistic boy, had been missing for more than 24 hours and rescuers were at a loss on an appropriate plan of action. His father had alerted them that loud noises and unfamiliar people would only scare the little boy more, and that’s when the wheels started turning. Seems the youngster has a passion for Ozzy Osbourne so his father suggested playing his favorite Ozzy song ‘No More Tears’ to help locate him before the overnight temperature dropped and colder conditions prevailed.

Deputies paired up the Ozzy tune and country singer Alan Jackson's song "Good Time' with audio clips of his father’s voice over their P.A., and a short time later the boy was found by the rescue party. Does that make Ozzy an honorary park ranger?

Ozzy’s right-hand lady Sharon was asked what Ozzy might think about the incident and told NBCLosAngeles.com, "He'll probably start crying because of the picture of that little boy with his school jacket." Oh Ozzy, you big softie!

Who would have thought that Ozzy’s music could be such an effective rescue elixir! Which Ozzy song would help lure you out of a forest?