Guitar shredding giant and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde has been known for his serious soloing skills ever since he hit the metal scene as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist back in 1988. In a recent interview with, Wylde discussed his diverse taste in music, lack of time for AA meetings and friendship with Ozzy.

“I love the heavy stuff, listenin' to Sabbath and Zep, or when I'm liftin' weights listenin' to the Dimebag or Messhuggah or Ministry or whatever,” Wylde said. But, he also revealed that he likes to take a break from the heavy stuff: “It's just like we'd be sittin' on the bus and we got an 18-hour drive. I mean, the last thing I feel like listenin' to is heavy music. I mean, I'll listen to the Eagles; I'll listen to Neil Young, Elton John. You know, just all the good mellow stuff."

Black Label Society are currently on tour as support for Judas Priest, and Wylde seems to be just fine living the sober life, without having to go to AA meetings. “I know Ozzy was havin' AA meetings. I went to one of 'em," he said. "I said, ‘Ozz, nothin' for nothin'. Like, I gotta go clean the dog run, I got things I gotta do around the house, I could be practicing right now, I could do other things.”

Even though Wylde isn’t Ozzy’s leading shred man anymore, Wylde says, “I still talk to Oz. No, no fallin' out or nothin'. No, we never got in any arguments ever. I mean, we were too busy dyin' of laughter.”

Wylde also humbly expressed his gratitude to “Mom and the Boss," meaning Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne: "I mean, what more could Ozzy do for me? He introduced me to the world and then on top of it, Mom and the Boss always had me opening up on the Ozzfest and helping me all the time, so I mean, how could I not be eternally grateful to them?”