The Osbournes are spending their time in Los Angeles these days, as the family's U.K. home is currently undergoing some renovations after some significant flood damage.

According to The Daily Mail, Ozzy and Sharon's Buckinghamshire estate needs over 300,000 pounds (that's just shy of $500,000) worth of repairs after it was ravaged by recent flooding in the region.

Ozzy told The Daily Mirror, "It's been completely flooded. The rain has battered down the walls and seeped through everything. There is water everywhere. We've been told it's going to cost £300,000 to repair, but we can't even go about getting it fixed because apparently it's going to take nine months to dry out. The place is ruined. If it's not one thing, it's the other."

The Osbournes have had their fair share of issues while living at the estate. In 2003, Ozzy broke a vertebra in his neck while taking a tumble off a quad bike. The following year, a fire broke out in the house leading to the couple being treated for smoke inhalation. Also in 2004, an intruder made off with an estimated £1 million worth of jewelry.