Pearl Jam sure are getting a lot of mileage out of their 20th birthday. In addition to their recent 20th anniversary celebration concerts over Labor Day weekend and a two visits to the ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,’ the band's documentary 'PJ20' is due in theaters for a one-night-only screening on Sept. 20. But fans who can’t wait for that can get a sneak peak now.

PBS, which will air the Cameron Crowe-directed ‘PJ20’ documentary Oct. 21 as part of its ‘Arts Fall Festival,’ has unveiled a clip from the flick. The segment explores PJ’s formation and it features ‘Footsteps,’ a song from the original ‘Momma-Son’ demo tape that singer Eddie Vedder gave to guitarist Stone Gossard as he was auditioning for the band.

Then there was the band's visits to NBC's ‘Jimmy Fallon’ this week. On Thursday, not only did Vedder perform 'Balls in Your Mouth' with Fallon, the band debuted a new song titled ‘Ole!,’ and fans can now download the track for free here. On Friday, PJ returned to the ‘Fallon’ stage and rocked out 'All Night,' an outtake from their 'No Code' album. Watch that performance here.

The weird thing is, Pearl Jam aren’t even turning 20 this year. The band formed from the ashes of Mother Love Bone in Seattle in 1990, meaning the band is of legal drinking age (21) this year. But let’s not split hairs about that. If PJ want to celebrate their 20th anniversary with lots of goodies for their fans, we’re going to be celebrating right alongside them.

Clip From Pearl Jam's 'PJ20' Documentary