Periphery are making their fans very happy with a full album stream of their new album ‘Periphery II’ prior to its release on July 3.

Guitarist Misha Mansoor talked to Metal Assault about the new record, saying, “Our first album was pretty diverse, and with that we created a framework so that we could kind of experiment and push in any one of those directions, and not have it be something weird or something that sounds forced, you know.”

He goes on to say, “There’s always been an aspect of that sound and we’re just expanding on it further. And I think very true to that, that’s what we did on this album. We’re still kind of going in all of those directions, but a little bit further, and with a little bit more experience, you know.”

‘Periphery II’ is the band’s follow-up to their 2010 self-titled debut album. They have already unleashed the disc's first single ‘Make Total Destroy,’ while the rest of the album features guest guitarists such as Dream Theater’s John Petrucci, who performs on the song ‘Erised,’ Guthrie Govan on ‘Have a Blast’ and the Faceless’ Wes Hauch on the track ‘Mile Zero.’

The band will be part of this year’s Summer Slaughter tour along with Cannibal Corpse, Between the Buried and Me, the Faceless, Veil of Maya, Goatwhore and more. The trek kicks off July 20 in Los Angeles; go here for a full list of dates and cities.

Listen to Periphery’s New Album ‘Periphery II’