Black metal bands and prime time TV don't usually intersect, but Liturgy recently appeared on NBC's 'The Blacklist.' Playing drums with the band on the song 'Harmonia' from Liturgy's 2011 album 'Aesthetica' was the legendary actor Peter Fonda. Watch the performance above.

'The Blacklist' is a crime drama starring James Spader, and it's in its second season. Fonda guest-stars in the episode as as CEO and philanthropist Geoff Perl. In addition to roles in classic movies like 'Easy Rider' and the critically acclaimed 'Ulee's Gold,' Fonda also has a musical background. He recorded a single back in 1968 that was written by Gram Parsons.

The performance by Liturgy and Fonda is less than 20 seconds long, but it still is good exposure for an underground band like Liturgy, who haven't released a new album since 'Aesthetica.' However, drummer Greg Fox and bassist Tyler Dusenbury have rejoined the band after a short absence, and a new record is expected in early 2015.

Liturgy will be playing live on Oct. 30 at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, N.Y. You'll be able to hear 'Harmonia' in its entirety, although Peter Fonda won't be on hand this time.