A metalhead's work is never done. The always-prolific Phil Anselmo, who always seems to have several irons in the metal fire, is working hard on some brand new solo material. The former Pantera singer, who has also recently been laying down tracks on a Down EP, is working with a band on this other project, according to his boarder Mike Williams of Eyehategod fame.

Williams resides on Anselmo's Louisiana property, so he certainly has access to and a bird's eye view of what's going in an Anselmo's world, life and studio.

Williams issued a tweet about what he witnessed and what he heard, posting: "Listening to some guy Phil Anselmo's new solo band practice 20 feet from my bedroom and all I can say is you folks are in for a real treat!!" Can you say "jealous?" Because that's what we are.

We also don't doubt we're in for a treat, since Anselmo rarely disappoints, whether he's swimming in NOLA sludge with Down or experimenting with the extreme punk and hardcore side of things in Arson Anthem.