Here's yet another insider's look into Pantera's legendary seventh studio album, 'Far Beyond Driven.' We've been wheeling out tons of exclusive video of vocalist Philip Anselmo reminiscing about the record song-by-song, and in this clip, Anselmo tackles 'Slaughtered.'

Placed right in the middle of Pantera's seventh album, 'Slaughtered,' is another crunchy track that'll grate the skin off your bones. To celebrate such songs within 'Far Beyond Driven,' a 20th anniversary edition of the album is now available. The album has been retooled while adding Pantera's 1994 Monsters of Rock performance in as an added bonus.

"I've always had a distorted view of organized religion and I was never more confused than when I was in my 20s and whatnot," Anselmo says about 'Slaughtered.' "And still I like to use a fusion, if you will, of religions and f--- with them, so to speak. And then tear them down and piss all over them or build them up only to tip over."

See what else Anselmo has to say about 'Slaughtered' in the video above and keep your eyes open for more exclusive video coming all week long.

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