The latest installment of the comedic online series 'Metal Grasshopper' is now available (watch above). The web series stars comedian Dave Hill being mentored by legendary musician Philip H. Anselmo on how to be "metal."

In episode four, titled 'Unscared,' Hill's tutelage's under Anselmo's metal mastery continues with Anselmo giving him advice on his stage banter. He also decks the innocent looking Hill out in corpse paint and lets him loose upon an unsuspecting public. Watch as he meets a woman in a bar, and the corpse paint works!

The episode features a guest appearance from Marzi Montazeri, the guitarist for Philip Anselmo & The Illegals, who plays "Metal Dude." The character quizzes Hill on metal history, asking him to name the original lineups of bands like Iron Maiden and Venom.

Things take a turn for the worse when Hill and Anselmo get in a huge fight after Hill borrows Anselmo's shorts that haven't been washed since 1987. Will the two mend fences or are they beyond reconciliation? You'll have to tune into the next episode to find out.

Last week's 'Metal Grasshopper' episode (watch below) is 'Metal or Not Metal,' which sees Anselmo quizzing Hill on what's metal, Hill renting a goat that Anselmo thinks is his dead grandmother, and Hill being put in the closet while Anselmo makes a delicious salad. You can see that episode below.

Metal Grasshopper Episode 3: 'Metal or Not Metal?'

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