Recently, Rammstein left fans pondering what was on the horizon with the release of a new trailer for something titled In Amerika. While it appeared to be a concert film, nothing could be confirmed until now. A new press release reveals that the German rockers will release Rammstein in Amerika, a 2-DVD set that includes a feature-length documentary on the band directed by Hannes Rossacher along with the band's blistering Madison Square Garden show from 2010. Watch a video of their performance of "Rammlied" from the show above.

For the documentary, Rossacher was given access to the band's private archives that spans over 20 years and includes plenty of previously unseen footage. The film digs into the band's history, beginning with the group's shared experiences of limited touring and opportunities behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany to becoming national sensations after Germany's reunification.

Some of the more interesting pieces of the film include their first ventures into the U.S. for touring, their work with David Lynch for the Lost Highway soundtrack, a 1999 arrest for "lewd and lascivious behavior" for their stage show and more. The film also delves into the group's retreat from America in the aftermath of 9/11 and their eventual return to New York for the triumphant Madison Square Garden concert that makes up the other part of this release.

In addition to the band's members, some of their peers and friends like Iggy Pop, Chad Smith, Moby, Melissa Auf der Maur, Marilyn Manson, Keifer Sutherland, Steven Tyler, Jonathan Davis, CJ Ramone, Scott Ian, Slipknot, System of a Down, KISS and Taylor Momsen provide insight on the band.

As for the MSG show, the group shot all 18 songs with 14 cameras and 5.1 surround audio. Also included with the concert is a Paul Landers 20-minute "Making of Liebe ist fur alle da" documentary, that lets viewers per inside the band's 2008 studio sessions for their sixth studio album.

Rammstein in Amerika is due Sept. 25 and can be pre-ordered on DVD or Blu-Ray. Check out the "Live From Madison Square Garden" portion track listing below.

Rammstein: Live From Madison Square Garden Track Listing

1. "Rammlied"
2. "B*********"
3. "Waidmanns Heil
4. "Keine Lust"
5. "Weisses Fleisch"
6. "Feuer Frei!"
7. "Weiner Blut"
8. "Fruhling in Paris"
9. "Ich Tu Dir Weh"
10. "Du Reichst So Gut"
11. "Benzin"
12. "Links 2 3 4"
13. "Du Hast"
14. "Pussy"
15. "Sonne"
16. "Haifisch"
17. "Ich Will"
18. "Engel"

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