Playing to a sea of loyal fans and thousands of newly converted ones, Red Fang rocked Atlantic City's Bader Field Saturday afternoon at Metallica's Orion Music + More festival. Coming off the release of 2011's 'Murder the Mountains,' Red Fang has no plans of slowing down.

Before Red Fang rocked Orion on the Damage Inc. stage, bassist Aaron Beam caught up with Loudwire backstage.

Describe the moment you found out you made the bill for Orion.

We got an email from our manager saying that we'd been asked to do it. He told us that Metallica hand-picked the bands for this thing, and I said, "No, I don't think that's right." I just couldn't really believe it. I mean, I believed that we were getting asked to do the festival. But to believe that Metallica knew who we were and asked for us to play their festival, that really blew me away.

Now that you're here, are you still in disbelief?

We are sort of veterans of doing these kinds of festivals and things. Not to sound callous and whatever, but I'm familiar with this kind of thing now. If I get to actually meet Metallica, that will be pretty amazing.

You guys have played all across the world. Have you played many European festivals?

Not yet, but starting July 4th, we're doing 15 or 16 festivals. Well, we did Desert Fest in Berlin a couple of months ago. Oh, and we did Hellfest in France, and that's been the best one I've played so far.

Do you think a festival with a variety of genres like Orion can be successful in America?

I would hope so. I mean, I personally like a huge diverse array of musical styles and all kinds of different artists. To me, it gets kind of boring to see the same genre over and over all day long. You get fatigued. I like being able to see a bunch of different kinds of bands, especially if they're all good quality. It seems like younger kids these days are less inclined to orient themselves to a specific genre. I think it can totally work here.

How has the reception been for 'Murder the Mountains'?

Really, really good. Way better than any of us expected. We've got people showing up and singing along with songs off the record. That's kind of blowing me away right now.

Are you working on new music now or just focused solely on touring?

We've got a few pieces put together already. After we get back from Europe, we're going to devote two months to getting some demos done and then record in the winter. Probably be out mid 2013.

You guys are kind of famous for your videos. They're funny and usually go viral quick. Are you filming anything here at Orion?

No, we had Whitey [McConnaughy] who shot all those videos come with us on our last trip over in Europe. He was shooting for the first week and last week for a documentary for Converse. Hopefully that'll be out sometime this year.

When you're on tour, which is a lot, what do you do to keep your sanity?

Trying to catch up on sleep is really important. I spend a lot of time just dinking around on YouTube, too. When I have time to kill, I call it falling down a YouTube hole. I have a wife and kid at home so I try to stay on Skype as much as possible. When we're in interesting spots like in Europe, I try to do some sight-seeing. I like to get out of the city and get into nature.

What's next for Red Fang?

It's this European tour. We come back and try to write the new record. Then late October into November, we head out on a headlining tour. Black Tusk will be the main support, who we just toured with in Europe. I'm not sure if the other two bands are confirmed yet, but we're trying to split up our openers between two bands.

So you can't tell us who the bands are?

Well, one of them I think is pretty much going to do it. Lord Dying, they're from Portland and are old friends of ours. They're one of my favorite bands right now and most people haven't heard of them.

Watch Red Fang's video for 'Hank is Dead'