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Looks like we'll be getting a new album from Rob Zombie in 2016! Zombie has shared the album art for The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser and posted a video entitled "Electric Warlock" on YouTube, teasing that "something is coming," along with the date Jan. 11.

Rob Zombie spent much of 2015 on the road and promoting his upcoming sixth solo album. We can't confirm a release date yet, but the record will be out in 2016. Additionally, a minute of new music from Zombie has been unveiled.

The new track, which we assume is the album's title track, is pretty straight forward, with Rob Zombie repeating, "Electric warlock / Acid witch," multiple times. What's more complex is the heavy industrial elements of the instrumental section, which is some of the heaviest stuff Rob Zombie has ever put to tape.

Guitarist John 5 has put in a lot of work helping Zombie craft this album and now you can hear what the multidimensional shredder has been toying with. "We'll just lay down really loose structures," Zombie told us at the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival. "The songs kind of always piece together something pretty raw. Then we'll let it sit and I'll do vocals over that … Once I get the vocals on there, then usually John will come back and add another layer where he'll then play guitars that go along with the vocals or accent things. We kind of keep bouncing back and forth."

Check out the preview for "Electric Warlock" above and get excited for whatever may come on Jan. 11.

Rob Zombie, 'Electric Warlock' Teaser

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