And then there were eight! The competition is thinning in our Rocktober Rumble Tournament to determine the best hard rock hit of the 21st Century and you can help us move one step closer.

We've got some huge songs left and the names are bands that have dominated the airwaves over the last 16 years. You've got Foo Fighters, you've got Green Day, you've got Linkin Park and you've got Godsmack, and that's just one side of the Rocktober Rumble tournament. There's also Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold and Tool vying for the title.

So let's get to it. It's the Quarterfinals of the Rocktober Rumble tournament and you can vote once per hour through the deadline of 10AM ET on Tuesday, Oct. 25 to help determine the best hard rock hit of the 21st Century. So click the red button below to start voting.