You helped rock the vote in Round 1 of our Rocktober Rumble and as a result we're closer to crowning the best hard rock hit of the 21st Century. But that's just the first step and we're now onto the second round, with 16 contenders remaining.

Some acts easily won in the first round while others faced a more difficult challenge getting to the second round, but in the end each of the songs that emerged victorious get a clean slate as we start fresh with new matchups. Who will emerge? That's up to you.

Voting in the second round of the Rocktober Rumble is currently underway and will continue through this Friday (Oct. 21) at 10AM ET. You can vote once per hour through the deadline and obviously the more you vote, the better chance your favorite hard rock hits have of advancing to the next round. So let's get to it. Click the red button below to start voting for the best hard rock hit of the 21st Century in the first Rocktober Rumble pairing.