The voice of Ronnie James Dio has unfortunately been taken from us, but another member of his family has a creative offering to release. Dio's son Dan Padavona has penned his debut horror novel, 'Storberry,' which is available now.

Dan Padavona may not be making metal music, but the horror theme Ronnie James Dio took with him throughout his iconic career has been passed down. "It is an old-school, throwback horror novel depicting a small Virginia town attempting to survive a vampire infestation," Padavona tells Blabbermouth. "[It's] a combination of 'Nosferatu' and 'Night of the Living Dead.'"

Padavona continues, "When I wrote 'Storberry,' I wanted to recapture the magic of the vampire horror my generation grew up with — 'Nosferatu,' 'Salem's Lot,' the Hammer films. Back in the day when monsters were monsters and vampires were to be feared, a good horror movie was an unforgettable night at the drive-in. I hope when you read 'Storberry,' you feel like you are at the drive-in, a big tub of buttered popcorn at your side. Or perhaps seated around the campfire, sparks popping off the bonfire like fireworks, the eerie glow of the moon, and the chirring of crickets, as I tell you the story of the little Virginia town called Storberry."

"My debut novel is the culmination of six months' worth of writing and three drafts — a labor of love. Thank you to all of my family and friends who stood behind me in this effort and encouraged me to reach for my dreams… or, in this case, nightmares," concludes Padavona.

To grab a copy of Dan Padavona's 'Storberry,' head over to Amazon.