This matchup in our Greatest Metal Frontman tournament sees two legendary singers with mutual respect towards each other. In 2009, King Diamond was asked to open for Heaven and Hell, but King had to decline to his back issues. He stated it had always been a dream of his to tour with Ronnie James Dio.

The late Ronnie James Dio was diminutive in stature but gigantic in voice. Whether it was with Rainbow, Black Sabbath or his own band, Dio, his voice transcended music with his fantasy-based lyrics. He is also known for bringing the flashing of the horns into metal, which is actually a gesture his grandmother used to ward off the evil eye.

Can anyone sing higher than King Diamond? His wailing falsetto is unmatched and it brings a chilling vibe to his concept albums or Satanic lyrics in Mercyful Fate. King is in a league of his own with his singing style as his stories come to life onstage with a theatrical production.

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