Royal Bliss have been rocking out for 15 years since forming in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1997, and the band is set to release its eighth album, 'Waiting Out the Storm' on Tuesday, Jan. 24. Frontman Neal Middleton was kind enough to offer Loudwire an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the new disc to go along with full streams of each song on the album.

Of the album itself, Middleton says: "I wrote the words to this record during a crazy time in my life. We had just got out of our deal with Capitol; we had other label people and managers trying to push us in a direction we did not want to go. I had just become a father; I experienced death for the first time. Many people around me were struggling with drugs and alcohol. There were a lot of real things going on in my life. These were the 11 songs out of around 100 that made the record."

After you listen to the songs on 'Waiting Out the Storm' below, check out the dates for Royal Bliss' current North American tour with Bobaflex. The trek runs through a March 3 gig in Waterloo, Iowa.

Neal Middleton's Track by Track Breakdown of Royal Bliss' 'Waiting Out the Storm'
1. 'I Got This'

This is a song I wrote about my guitar ... just kidding, it’s about my penis.

2. 'Monster'

The more the industry people try to hold us back or try and change us, the stronger we get. If they don't want to open the door, we will kick it down.

3. 'Bleed My Soul'

Things build up and you just need to Bleed your soul, Drink a bottle of whiskey and sing some rock 'n' roll.

4. 'Wake Up'

First time I really experienced death, I saw my wife's cousin being kept alive by life support; I was good friends with his father. To be in that room affected me in a crazy way. The song is written as if I were singing through him. A man should never have to outlive his son.

5. 'Singing for Our Lives'

This is what I do everyday -- it has been a hard road but if playing music is what you love then you will do it until the water runs dry.

6. 'Crazy'

I wrote this song about being away from my son and family. It’s hard as hell to be away from my boys, they grow up fast and I miss a lot. I hope I can make it up to them someday.

7. 'Smile'

Another song about the industry and how they try and change you, steal your soul, then put you in cement shoes and kick you off the boat. I won’t sell my soul so I will die with a smile.

8. 'I Will Catch You'

I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a loved one with cancer or Alzheimer's; I had a lot of family going through some hard times, and thought about if something were to ever happen to my boy or wife.

9. 'Sunburn'

When I was younger and a few times now a day, I would get pretty loaded and do dumb shit. I would wake up where I passed out, many days in the "Utah" desert. But it’s what made me who I am today and I like myself ... for the most part.

10. 'For No One'

A midlife crisis song. Kind of about grown adults with families trying to re live the glory days.

11. 'High on Fire'

Another song inspired by death -- becoming a father really put some things in to perspective and a fear of losing my son became very real. Lost some friends to drugs; I'm sure they won’t be the last.


Conclusion: I really just want these songs to mean whatever the listener needs them to mean; my lyrics are always open to interpretation. To be honest sometimes these songs mean something different to me at times as well. Take what you want from them. Thanks for your time.